Aspiring World Ventures, LLC (AWV) is a venture capital firm investing in profitable and leading development-oriented businesses among aspiring peoples primarily in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.  AWV's investment approach takes into account the financial, social and environmental dimensions -- the concept of "triple bottom line" investing.  In addition to capital, it will provide technical assistance in strategic planning, structuring, implementation, governance, and management.

Targeted business sectors include: Financial Services -- companies focusing on the un-banked and poorly banked; Real Estate Development -- companies building mixed-use, covenant controlled communities including low and moderate income housing; Multi-Functional Wireless Broadband Communication -- companies connecting people to the world; and Other Development-Oriented Businesses -- agribusiness processing, innovative healthcare and insurance systems, education, village electrification, water companies, media, manufacturing, micro-franchising, etc.

AWV will invest in ventures that involve experienced, successful local business entrepreneurs with proven track records.

If you have a venture in which you think AWV might be interested in investing, please read on and contact us.