Types of ventures in which AWV is interested in investing include:

  • Financial Services -- companies licensed to deliver financial products and services to the un-banked and poorly banked.  Includes microfinance banks, mortgage finance companies, local banks and non-bank financial institutions desiring to re-engineer their existing operations to include microfinance, microfinance institutions re-engineering to a share capital structure and become licensed to offer savings services, and leasing companies.
  • Real Estate Development -- companies building master-planned, covenant controlled low-income and moderate-income housing developments, complete with central plazas, shop space, community centers, land for schools and churches, etc.
  • Multi-Functional Wireless Broadband Communication -- ventures that connect people to the world, including services such as high-speed internet access, VOIP telecommunications, normal cellular services, HD television, etc.
  • Other Development-Oriented Business -- Ventures engaged in the provision of sustainable access to other key developmental services and/or that create large numbers of jobs and increase income: agribusiness processing; innovative healthcare systems; solar panel electrification; medical micro insurance; water companies; education; media with a developmental message - radio, television, newspapers; large manufacturing firms; micro-franchising, etc.