For companies desiring AWV investment, following are important characteristics:

  • Track Record -- The strong preference will be to partner and invest with local, experienced, very successful business people in an existing business.  When a startup is the best option, the local partners must have good experience in starting and managing profitable, registered businesses in that country.
  • Legal Structure -- Registered locally as a business and not as a non-profit.
  • Shareholding -- Shareholding will reflect who brings in the funds. Local investors are to be encouraged.  Investors should be individuals or investment groups.
  • Governance -- Appointed by the shareholders, the majority of the board members should be very successful local business people who are experienced in serving on boards of successful and profitable companies.
  • Management -- The general manager or managing director of the company should ideally be a local with a proven track record in running similar profitable companies.
  • Return on Investment -- To induce investors and to show the capital markets that it is profitable to invest in that country, financial projections must show the ability for the business to provide investors with a return on investment within the range that the capital markets require for investments in that country and industry.
  • Business Plan -- Must include all the elements of any good business plan, including multi-year financial projections and performance indicators.
  • Exit Strategy -- Plans should show investors how they might profitably exit the business in the future.
  • Transformation -- Should show a commitment to run the business according to best practices and highest principles; treat customers, staff and suppliers well; be a catalyst for holistic transformation of the lives of their customers and their communities; be committed to having their venture and efforts actively be part of a larger effort to create a just and successful nation; have an understanding that "developed" countries actually provide most developmental services through the economic engine of the private sector.